Thursday, April 8, 2021

Evaluation: Question 4: How did you integrate technology into your product?

My answer to question #4 

Evaluation: Question 3: How did your production skills develop throughout the project?

Answer to question #3


Yellow - Black Shirt (BS)                                                             Green- Red Shirt (RS)
BS - hey I was just calling you to see how you're doing
RS - oh hey girl I'm good thanks for calling
BS - How’s school, how's life, how's that job
RS - let's not get me started on that job that job owes me money okay
BS - Oh well then how school how's life 
RS - I mean life's been good but school has me under so much stress but I am more focused this year 
BS - oh good you know I'm glad that you're taking school more seriously this year than last year because we're not even gonna talk about that one.
RS - yeah last year was terrible but quick question: did you take media studies? 
BS - yeah I did take that class last year are you in it now? 
RS - Yes I am 
BS - what are you gonna do project on
RS - well I think I'm going to do it on how foods affect the person's well-being and you know how it affects their life
BS - oh okay that's kind of cool 
RS - yeah I thought of it last minute but see I'm having a lot of trouble with my production blogs 
BS - you know when I did my production I did a lot of planning and I made sure that everything was discussed with my models and whoever else was helping me with the project production-wise um I actually did a lot of sketches and I was finally able to produce a lot of things like my cover page of the contents my double page spreads and all that 
RS - can you help me like what resources did you use 
BS - yeah of course basically I use apps like magic eraser Picsart, Canva and I just use those things to just help me you know of course with the editing of those photos and things like that
RS - well I can't take a picture to save my life 
BS - well yeah in the beginning i was no good photographer and still wasn't honestly but with the help of those apps I was able to edit it to make it look like i was a lot better than I was
RS - so do you think if i begin planning now I'll be good to go I tried to look at past bloggers but I'm no good at production 
BS - of course I mean production development will take time but everyone will get where they want to go I'm glad that I had a very free-flowing magazine and you know the audience that I did ask you know with the questionnaire part
RS - yeah 
BS - they actually told me that they wanted more off guard playful pictures so I didn't have to do too much structured production
RS - this was so helpful thanks so much 
BS - of course any time and good luck 
RS - all right bye
BS - okay catch up with you later

Evaluation: Question 2: How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

My answer to question #2

If the link doesn't work the images are below

Evaluation: Question 1: How does your product use or challenge the conventions and how does it represent different social groups or issues?

My answer to question #1

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Ohana - Final Project

    Final Project 

Re-evaluation of Magazine

 The Ups and Downs of my magazine production

    In the beginning of this project, I began with a baby magazine idea because I thought it would be easier for me to construct since I had a model in mine for production. I was passionate about young children and knew that my magazine would flourish about something I personally enjoy. The only idea I had at the time was a baby magazine. I thought that I had a complete plan but I'm not too sure now that I think about it. So I decided that I would still include young children within my magazine somehow. This is where I thought, "Why don't I include concepts that build up a child?" like their childhood and upbringing which is where the birth of a parenting magazine came about. Once I figured out this parenting idea, I researched different forms of parenting magazines and what content is included. Advice, stories of childhood, current issues with parenting in todays society, emotional differences between certain relationships and much more are just a few of the elements that can be included in a parenting magazine.

    Once, I found the direction in which I wanted to focus on in my parenting magazine, a child upbringing, I believed it was a cool idea to produce this form of magazine so that teens and young adults can be advised about the differences of childhood and the effects in which it has on someone. Although I had doubts about creating a parenting magazine because I was not a parent and still in my early years of living, I appreciated the perspective taken from a teens point of view which creates a diverse dynamic that many are not used to when they hear parenting magazine. Additionally, my magazine is not based on parenting but more so the upbringing from parents but being that there is not a specific genre for this form of magazine, parenting magazine in general fits in that niche. 

    Constructing this magazine was not easy because of the topic and productions. I was concerned that my direction of childhood would not be as easily seen as I ,of course, had seen it. I altered my models, interviewees, my interview questions and other elements that would better preserve the upbringing image. Furthermore, I received information from magazines that would support my attempts of clarity to my magazine which, in turn ,eased some of my concern. All in all, I enjoyed the difficulty because it allowed me to think outside the box and find ways to express my idea as clearly as I could.

Production - Behind the Scenes

 Behind the Scenes 

Santana =  The behind the scenes production working with Santana was no easy task. The items I utilized to receive the pictures seen in the image includes a red comforter, a led light, and his toys (motorcycle, learning desk, sports balls, etc.) As I sat Santana on his stool, his mother remained on the sidelines to keep him from drifting too far into his own world. His age did not benefit me with his production being that he was distracted by the many items around him rather than me taking a picture of him. I assured myself to wear comfortable clothing during this process because I knew I had to remain flexible to keep up with his activity. A key item that I learned would assist my production process with Santana was snacks. A bowl of dry cereal was not only a slight prop that helped with the cover page image but calmed him down and made him feel comfortable while shooting. I have learned that working with a two year old for my attempt at non- action pictures is no easy task. I honestly felt quite discouraged because of how much movement he was doing during the shoot and I could barely keep him still; I thought that would impact the quality of the image and if I would receive any useable images in general. Thankfully, with his mother around she was able to keep him under control long enough for me to snap pictures that could be utilized in the magazine.

Destiny = Destiny is a lot older and easier to direct and position so that made the process more effective. Although I did not have to take as many shots of her as Santana, to obtain those images were quite difficult to do being that we had to exercise social distancing practices due to the current pandemic. However, we made it work by having multiple FaceTime calls and discussing exactly how the images should come out. Taking her images were a quick and easy process and everything come out according to plan. I have learned that it is better to work with older individuals if they are able to fit into your ideas , which she was, her availability was actually better than the other model which is surprising but true. I enjoyed working with her also because of how communicative she was and how expressive she was with her story which allowed me to have the feature story I currently have. 

{Below are a few pictures I was able to capture during one of my production days}


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Color Scheme & Changes of Final Project

 Color Scheme 


Before I finalized the edits of my magazine options. I decided to look back upon the questionnaire results just to clarify that I was producing a magazine that would be catering to my target audience. I reviewed the results and made the following edits so that I will remain on board and produce a more appealing and realistic magazine. 
  • - 3D effect of main background photo
  • - The color scheme 
  • - The side content that would elevate the realism of my magazine such as : the bar code, side content, font differentiations to showcase texture and revitalization, and layout/format. 
Once these edits were made, I completely noticed a drastic change that not only looked better but pleased my target audience. I enjoyed the transformation and how I went from "A magazine look alike" to " A possible magazine in a store or office."


After the attempts of my table of contents page, I changed the "STAY ACTIVE" title by filling in the wording and curve the text. I reminded myself of the questionnaire and made adjustments as need be. Overall, I remained within the desired brown theme but added those hints of green and orange for youth, spunk, and to follow the second highest color scheme.  


I completely followed the desired color scheme from the questionnaire. From the images to the layout, I ensured that I would dedicate a whole page to the requested color scheme so that my audience knows that I listened to them. I really like how this page colors worked together with the images as well as with the other pages. 

Ohana Cover Page Options

 Cover Page Options 

Option #1 is a great playful outside shot that displays freedom in adolescent. Santana is posing for the camera and enjoys riding on is top motorcycle, so this shot was a win-win on both ends. I enjoy the color scheme and how the green compliments the entire page.

Option #2 has a clear and well-lit image of Santana making a peculiar face as a young child does. The effortless shot was perfect for a cover but I am taken back by the limitation of color. Everything is laid out clearly and neatly placed, not too much is taken place in the picture or with the surrounding content.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Ohana Double Page Spread (RD)

Double Page Spread

This sketch of a two page spread showcases a possible layout for my double page feature story. I sketched this from my research with double page and learned how important it is to layout the wording so that readers will have an easy flowing path to follow. My version of a flow content spread will sure provide an easy to read story.

Once I got my sketch I went to Canva to begin my draft process.

This draft was actually quite nice and I thought that I would utilize it for my final draft.
I liked how the attire of the models not only fulfilled the request of my questionnaire but
also correlated with the rest of the pages. So, as I went back to my research before I finally
decided to choose this as my final I realized that other elements were missing that would
enhance the realism of this page.

This is what I missed: Another section besides the actual story, a separate section for other content, shapes and items that bring forth dynamic, the size of my font and the
layout of my paragraph.

After my attempt, the following product was created.
I believe I was able to layout things better. Although I didn't follow all the elements of my draft sketch like add a picture at the top ,because I had more content than I thought, I added the images on the sides so that I could add those elements that would bring realism. I also decreased the color of the background and added more content besides the story itself so that I provide more information and explanation about the affects of parenting. 


After examining my writing for the last time, I realized that I had the same information twice so I cleaned that up and enhanced my "THE UPBRINGING" section more so that I could discuss my magazines purpose clearer and everything was complete. I am overjoyed about the outcome and did my very best to depict a real magazine double page spread while adding my own style!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Reflection of "The Deep End"

 Reflection - Feature Story

Plan - The plan that I had for my feature story would involve someone who has experience a significant element within their childhood. This personal experience would tie into their upbringing and how they were raised. I did not have an ideal person in mind but  did have an ideal story, thankfully I was able to received that in a different fashion than I expected which came out better than my original idea. I began with a few directed open -ended questions that would cause for more elaboration. ( I also knew I had to construct questions as I continued to conversate with my interviewee)

Process - Being that a global pandemic is taking place I have to work with the conditions that I am in. This meant that my interview took place during a facetime call. I scheduled a facetime on an available day and time for the both of us and had pre-planned questions (That can be found in another blog) prepared for this interview. Destiny Felton was the person that I interviewed and she was fully pre-pared , without being prepared, for the questions. The responses given were far more that I expected and I am glad that I was able to gain them. As Destiny answered questions, I typed in a separate word document her responses as quickly as I could while constructing further questions that I figured would be best to elaborate on based on her previous response. 

Outcome -  The outcome came out very well. I was able to not only include both personal aspects about her as a child growing up with a mother and cautious and worrisome tendencies but utilize a cool, comical yet traumatizing story to tell it. Personally, the final result is clearly written and tells a story that illustrates mother and daughter behaviors that impact a child upbringing. 

If I had to change anything about my feature story I would probably include how this effected Destiny child hood more. I believe I slightly touched on it but should have went a little more in depth being that my magazine is based on the effect of upbringing. Nonetheless, I was able to capture her mothers reaction which adds to a child upbringing because Destiny mother plays a significant role in her life. I think that I was also able to capture the effect of her upbringing based on the reaction to the accident within the story. I don't think I missed the target but I could have gotten closer to the target. 

Feature Story Interview Questions - "The Deep End"

 Feature Story Interview Questions 

The following are questions and responses that led towards the Feature story with Destiny Felton. The direction of my questions were mainly about her childhood and upbringing. (Responses are unedited.)

1.   How do you feel about your childhood? 3 words and why

  • -        Entertaining – parties all the time, celebration and know how to have fun
  • -        Loving – always have your back, rank on each other, don’t let nobody talk bad about each other
  • -        Motivational – pushing you to do better even if it hurts your feelings.

2.  How do you feel about being a twin?

  • -        Lot different because he’s a boy
  • -        Conversations would be different if he was a girl
  • -        Haven’t been without each other for a week
  • -        Friends are around the same
  • -        Doing girly things
  • -        Lefties vs rights

3.  Change one thing from how your parents raised you what would you change?

  • -        The approach from situations
  • -        Tone, and Approach to situations 

4.  What would you keep from your parents?

  • -        Traveling
  • -         Being motivated
  • -        Strict
  • -        More open and not one sided

5. The difference in upbringing?

  • -        More conservative
  • -        Middle school more reserved
  • -        Different principles than friends and family’s upbringing
  • -        How that effect the child? = stunted growth and very secretive, little reckless

6.  How has your parents career affected your future career?

-        "Since I was young, I was admired by the effort my parents put in my career. But with I knew that wasn’t the path I wanted to follow.  do for the rest of my life following. So, they have expose me to running a business and working under someone else.  I’ve furthered my research and seeing what was my best fit." - Destiny Felton


  • -        Future: Economics/ Business/ aesthetician = ‘After achieving my economics degree which will not only allow me to know the ins and outs of knowing business and where the money is going. I wish to open my own skin spa and create a bran that allows people to love their self in their skin cosmetic changes and loving if you are love yourself for who you are and having a place where girls and men and love their self and their skin care and love yourself from the outside looking in – self love retreat. Investment properties”
  • -        Fun fact: Challenges yourself and tackling to do list, open for improvement loving to travel
  • -        Hobby:  hanging with friends, and cooking / baking
  • -        Most memorable childhood: summer in Georgia I treated grandma to manicure and went to pedicure $91.00 wasn’t mentally prepared – spent trip money in one day. (14 yrs. old)
  • -        Stitches (9 yrs old) free dive pool and then went to free play and destiny had a hold in the chin and ask my mom for Pringles so she could see the hold.

"The Deep End" Feature Story - Part 3 (RD)

Rough Draft Feature Story

This feature story is both narrative and descriptive when composing this story, I interviewed a friend of mine who In believed fit with the direction of my magazine - one set of twin siblings. The home life she had was quote interesting so communicating with her via facetime was interesting for my magazine. 

"The Deep End"

"A free dive that age was sure to cause trouble but that wouldn’t stop the cannon ball from happening. The anticipation, the increase in acceleration and the lifting of toes off the edge of the concrete was all that raced through her mind. The landing of this careless move was not the expected splash of cold chlorine but an intense loss of awareness that resulted in a sudden planting of her face and the bottom of the pool floor. Destiny Felton left that perfect summer day for a visit to the ER after receiving a busted chin instead of the applause for her grand diving performance.

Felton decided to visit some family in Atlanta, Georgia one summer to reunited with some loved ones. This event led to a warm pool day with some cousins that resulted in a tragic case of medical assistance. Felton remembers this story as a childhood event that brings laughter and embarrassment each time it comes up in conversation.

 “I had no idea there was a hole in my chin until I rose from the water and my family saw blood and asked if I were okay. I was so hesitant to tell my mom because I knew she would freak but I told her anyways. “

Felton’s efforts at 9 years old to hid this from her guardian not only portrayed the anxiety she felt exposing such sensitive information but how in her mind the situation was already handled and needed no further investigation. Felton shows her mother the issue at hand but not how you probably expected. See, it was not a “mom look at my busted chin” but more so “hey mom can I get that pringles can, I am a little hungry.” As Felton elevated her head in an attempt to show her mother the injury, a cry of anger and concern fled from Felton’s mom and soon after she found herself being dragged into the car. Felton knew this would happen, but everything was just a surprise to her as it was to her mother.

 “My mother knows I hated going to the ER. With her being a nurse, I thought it could be a simple repair that a band aid and Neosporin could not do, clearly I was mistaken.”

The ER visit was anything less than enjoyable. At only 9 years old Felton had to receive “uncomfortable and painful” stiches to close the opening of her chin. Cutting her summer vacation festivities short she was disappointed that she couldn’t hid her injury as well as she hid her pain.

 “Looking back on this day, I think I was more scared to tell my mom than I was to receive stiches. I knew stitches would hurt but I never wanted to receive the wrath of my mom because she can be quite dramatic sometimes. I learned my lesson from that trip though, never cannon ball around your cousins from Georgia. "